InnoCampus Entrepreneurship and Creativity Camp for High School Students

FMV Işık University, İstanbul. 15-19 August 2016

Istanbul Entrepreneurship and Creativity Summer Camp for High School Students

InnoCampus carried out its first entrepreneurship program for high schools students. The energy and motivation of the students were very high during the camp until the last moment. Both the co-working space and the fab lab were both used very effectively.  The teams which were selected to the camp attended the workshops from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening for 5 days. However, the containers were bustling with activity until the early hours of the morning every night. From now on, the InnoCampus team decided to organize the entrepreneurship and creativity camp for high school students twice a year.

Please take a look at the blog posts written by students attending the camp at:

Startup teams of InnoCampus Entrepreneurship and Creativity Camp for High School Students

  • listen’eat (Custemers can control the playlist in the place  with this application)
  • ENGOPARK (Engelli otoparkları için geliştirilen bir denetim sistemi A control system for the disabled parking space)
  • ÇAYLAK (Organic herbal tea brand)
  • CharG (Phone charging sunglasses with solar energy)
  • HiHay (A social network which have pets profil)
  • Portfoblo (An online platform to share ideas. You can feel  “free and original” in this platform)
  • Spacecase (A product designed to prevent damage to luggage)

Trainings and Events

  • Can 5 Entrepreneurs Change the World? 
    Mustafa Osman Turan 
  • Team Building Workshop
    Memet Ünsal
  • Collective Ideation Workshop
    Memet Ünsal 
  • Lean Startup Canvas 
    Memet Ünsal 
  • FapLab Workshop
    Zeynep Aykul 
  • Arduino Workshop
    Volkan Ünal

  • Innovation at Arçelik
    İffet İyigün Meydanlı
  • Teknopark İstanbul Trip
  • Story Creation
    Melek Pulatkonak
  • Presentation Skills
    Memet Ünsal
  • Create a Difference
    Doret Habib
  • Astronomy Night
    Durmuş Sabuncu