InnoCampus Entrepreneurship and Creativity Camp for High School Students

FMV Işık University, İstanbul. 30 January–4 February 2016

Istanbul Entrepreneurship and Creativity Winter Camp for High School Students

During the camp that we organized for the second time, 10 teams of 34 students worked on their business ideas for 6 days. The program includes activities to enhance their creativity as well as trainings to support their startup.

Startup teams of InnoCampus Entrepreneurship and Creativity Camp for High School Students

  • Kahraman Kılıf A product that prevents mobile phones from falling down )
  • BuTon A method developed for blind people to percive  paintings )
  • Block ( A platform where high school activities are shared )
  • DoSo ( An application that real people translate )
  • Fair Price ( A platform that combines SMEs around the world )
  • PIRA Modular drone production )
  • Power Awake ( Awakening pillow )
  • Hijyentum ( A product that disinfects the environment with nanoparticles )
  • RechTec ( A mobile phone charger that will be in the cafés table )

Trainings and Events

  • Can 5 Entrepreneurs Change the World? 
    Mustafa Osman Turan 
  • Project Fair
    İrem Sefa Yayımlar
  • Collective Ideation Workshop
    Memet Ünsal 
  • Lean Startup Canvas 
    Memet Ünsal 
  • FapLab Workshop
    Zeynep Aykul 
  • Arduino Workshop
    Zeynep Aykul 

  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Zafer Elcik, Öykü Ozgencil, Ulaş Çelik, Erbil Sivaslıoğlu
  • Inspirational Speech
    Mehmet Kemal Aksel
  • Teknopark İstanbul Trip
  • Creative Communication
    Ahu Sıla Bayer, Özgür Atanur 
  • Presentation Skills
    Memet Ünsal
  • Astronomy Night
    Durmuş Sabuncu